Text by Darina Escobar

Illustration by Octavio Terol

Art direction by Ausias Pérez

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Tensions between the past and the future are high and we must adapt and overcome. We must find new ways to express our creativity and we must always retain our essence. We must stay true to our colors. Due to the current situation that urges us to stay apart, we’ve shifted the focus from traditional photoshoots to a virtual display of our latest offerings.


We’ve collaborated with Octavio Terol and Ausias Pérez to present you a vision of the future as seen from the past. A nostalgic nod to a time of forward-looking hope. TRESS SWIMWEAR introduces four new futureproof styles to our range of eco-conscious and ultra colorful swimsuits. The future gleams with possibility and we are ready — the spirit of TRESS lives on through the power of color.


Colors mean a lot to us. They are more than just hues and tones, they are our accomplices in expressing our true selves. Whether they inspire power and dignity, playfulness or sweetness, we use color to communicate with the world around us. We invite you to let them be reflections of your true self, the essence of your true self.


We invite you to WEAR YOUR COLORS PROUD.


They say good things come in threes, and our new trio of interchangeable swimsuits is no exception. These reversible bikinis — BODYTALK, SUNDOWN and PARADISE — come together to bring forth bold shapes and bolder colors, inviting the wearer to match the pieces according to her style or mood. All the pieces can be worn together or separately, and come in a combination of ripe, sweet orange and lush royal purple. And for those seeking out a more classic silhouette, there is a deliciously fiery addition to our line of one-piece suits, the sassy and flattering RED DARLING.


All of our swimsuits are made from high-quality, supersoft, 100% organic Oeko-Tex certified UPF 50+ materials. With proper care, these pieces will accompany you well into the future, wherever it may lead us…