Interview by Marc Moltó

Illustrations by Smuf

Smuf, born and raised in Barcelona, started his career in 1997 as a graffiti artist. Nowadays, he uses various techniques of expression, such as illustration and tattoo. His art combines personal statements with a distinct style that could be defined as trashin, with naif and distinct outlines that are also full of deep meaning. In his work he depicts strong female characters, inviting us to admire unapologetic women with both strong features and personalities.

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How will you define your work?

Versatile and different — the truth is that I wouldn’t know how to define my own work.

What inspires you?

Things that are made with love and respect.

What role does color play in your work?

Color is something that’s totally necessary if you want to be seen nowadays.

You grew up in the 80’s, how do you think this has influenced you?

You just have to compare the movies, albums, toys, or video games and from that era to nowadays and you’ll have my answer. My influence is entirely from those times…In fact, I think I’m still living in them.

When do you feel more vulnerable? What do you do to make yourself more secure?

When you work hard on an illustration and then you don’t get the acceptance you expected. Our daily problems…haha. Going for a bike ride usually clears my mind a lot.

How will you define TRESS?

Love, naturally modern, sexy.






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