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GHTRSA (Marta Minguell) born and raised in Barcelona, is a multidisciplinar visual artist. Her passion for combining art and technology pushed her to explore languages such as design, video, and artistic installations. Her interest rely in the treatment of image, light and movement. She has a strong understanding of color, texture, light and how these elements work together. She works as a videographer and as a VJ, where we can see her experimenting with these elements. Her career moves forward with new projects such as creating interactive installations and crossing boundaries between science, art and technology.

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How will you define your work?

My work for me is a way of self-expression. Is a combination of my intuition, my sensitiveness and the way I perceive the world. My own vision of things and my consciousness. It’s a mix of passion and creativity and makes me evolve everyday.

What inspires you?

My inspiration comes through many different ways like in the personality of a person, textures that I see from objects, shadows in the street, music… I usually go for a walk and take my handycam to film moments that I want to capture and keep in mind for projects or for experimenting. I really enjoy doing this when I travel and watching the videos after the trip, makes me remember unique details that I would forget. But I also get inspired by other periods of time, different styles, videoclips, documentaries, or in festivals of art and technology observing and analyzing the way the installations are made as a result of a previous concept.

What role does color play in your work?

Our perception is really sensitive to color and it influences a lot in our feelings. Depending of the project I can use color or just black & white, it depends of what I want to transmit but most of the times I use very saturated colours, it gives life to the content.

Which decade inspires your work?

Definitely the late 60’s and the 90’s. Two periods of time where I see originality and experimentation in the youth culture but also a lot of emotion expressed in clothes, music, video, or fighting to break conventions.

When do you feel more vulnerable? What do you do to make yourself more secure?

I wouldn’t be able to name a situation but sometimes I feel more vulnerable when I’m feeling something that I don’t know how to identify why I feel like this and I feel strange. What I do to make me feel more secure is to have compassion with myself and accept the fact that we all have moments of where we will feel better and others that worse and the important thing to do is to think that we just have to go through it and let it go.

How will you define TRESS?

I would define TRESS as a brand that is open-minded, and likes to experiment to improve the creativity. Is stylish, colorful and full of joy. It transmits strength , passion and respect to the environment and to people.






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