An ancient Greek word meaning “the abandonment” or “the downfall.” A little too fitting.

Historically eclipses were seen as omens, as signs of things to come. Eclipses symbolized portals for exponential growth, times of rapid change, internally and externally. We long for permanence in a world governed by change. We seek out the comforts of nostalgia and routine. And yet here we are, strangers in a strange new place.

The paradox we’re facing can only be affronted with uncommon patience — nothing lasts forever, not even this.

The moon is most closely associated with our intuition and our ability to nurture both ourselves and others — something that we especially need right now. Take the time to take good care of yourself, and if you can, those around you. Take the time to nourish, to reconnect, to accept. This is the time to harvest and reap what we’ve sown.

Eclipses are part of Earth’s natural cycle. The celestial bodies dance along the arrow of time, bringing together sun and moon — upsetting the natural order, as day becomes night. And just like the eclipse, bit by bit, the light will return as we adjust to the changes and embark on our new lives, our new normal.

Stay safe, stay fly, and when in doubt — look to the sky.